Snow and Palms and the Bay

It's the quintessential Southern California scene: blue skies, warm sun, palm trees, and snowy mountains.  Well, okay, so it isn't like that right now, and of course, there aren't any vibrant yellow submarines cruising around Los Angeles (that I know of), but those peaks get some dusting of snowflakes in the winter, and a favorite tourist shot from L.A. is that juxtaposed scene with the palm tree in the foreground and the white-capped mountains beyond.

Disneyland only has one white-capped mountain, and fortunately, it is snow-covered all year round.  So that, coupled with the water of Nemo Bay, and you get the Disney version of the quintessential Southern California scene.  Yes, I know we're pretty blessed out here to have beautiful weather scenes like this be commonplace.  But then again, that's what our high cost of living pays for!


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