A Hong Kong Main Street Christmas II

We move today from Tokyo Disney's entrance area shrouded in Christmas to Hong Kong Disneyland's.  This Anaheim-mimicking Magic Kingdom has a Main Street that's uncannily familiar but also unique in some ways.  For one, the combination of stores an eateries is different than in California, even though they kind of look the same.  The Christmas decorations also seem less elaborate in Hong Kong than they do in other parks.  This may be in part to the park's growing pains.  If it's not the summer high season or weekends close to holidays and other peak periods, the park can be rather slow, and this may discourage the investment of more elaborate decorations that may not obtain much of a return. As a result, holiday trimmings are mostly limited to simple wreaths and holiday ornament balls.  Still, there's a subdued charm to the whole aesthetic, and here's a look at some of the scenes walking down Main Street at Hong Kong Disneyland.


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