Welcome to Adventure Isle Shanghai

During my trip to Shanghai Disneyland earlier this month, Adventure Isle ended up being the land that of which I took the least amount of photos.  A large part of this is because its main attraction, Roaring Rapids, was closed for refurbishment.  In addition, I never got a chance to check out the Challenge Trails exploration area and playground due to time constraints and frequent long lines to enter.  Fortunately, a lot of the photos I did get coincided with those rare moments of blue skies and sunshine, so I guess the trade-off was quality for quantity?  I suppose I can't object to that.

The entrance to Adventure Isle (Shanghai; not to be confused with Disneyland Paris' land within a land) harkens to, well, adventure!
Adventure Isle takes the place of Adventureland in the other Disney Magic Kingdoms around the world--the first to lack the "Adventureland" monicker.  (This also means that Fantasyland is the only themed land that appears in all six Disney Magic Kingdoms around the world.)  But in terms of ambiance and story of attractions, the spirit is still there.  Adventure Isle sets guests into rugged wilderness and terrain and features attractions all dedicated to the excitement of exploration.  Whether it be an encounter with the mysterious (and unfortunately often non-functioning) Q’aráq, a fearsome crocodile-like creature, or a flight all around the world on Soaring Over the Horizon or some surprisingly exhausting calorie burning across the Challenge Trails courses, Adventure Isle celebrates the ideas of finding the hidden (and not so hidden) excitement out there. 

Here are a few shots that showcase some of what Adventure Isle has to offer!

There's a bit of an Animal Kingdom feel around these parts.
The Explorer Canoes are technically headquartered in neighboring Treasure Cove, but they feel right at home here in Adventure Isle, especially with the Roaring Mountain in the distance!

Camp Discovery is home to a variety of playground and climbing courses.
Soaring Over the Horizon is arguably the most popular ride in the park and quickly racks up long waits early in the day.  Do this first thing or grab a FastPass to avoid massive lines.
Roaring Mountain stands forebodingly in golden hour, with the Challenge Trails in the foreground.


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