The Christmas Trees of Cars Land

How many Christmas trees are there in Cars Land? That's the question I set out to answer photographically last month.  There are a lot of Christmas trees around Radiator Springs, and they're not all even trees.  In fact, many are tree-like but made up of other elements, and quite clever!  So I set out to look for them all, with the rules dictating that they had to be three dimensional elements--not drawings or paintings of trees, and they had to be specific theming and not just any tree-like object, such as merchandise.  How many did I find...?

(1) grand tire tree is located at the Courthouse next to the statue of Stanley.

(2) is Luigi's great leaning tower of tires, strung up in lights.  (3) and (4) can be found atop Ramone's too.
Inside Luigi's office, one can find a creative one--a hanging set of tires to serve as tree (5).
Flo's V8 Cafe has a bunch, including this guy (6) at the backside of the cafe facing Radiator Springs Racers.
(7) is this oil can tree.
(8) is a record tree next to the entrance for ordering.
And (9) is another record tree on the front side indoor dining!
Radiator Springs Curios has a couple, including this highway sign tree (10).
And this janky junk tree (11) is located inside behind the cashier.
The Cozy Cone has a cone tree outside (12).

But also a regular tinsel-filled tree inside (13)!

At Sarge's Surplus Hut, there's a patriotic tree outside (14).

Inside, two sets of sandbags form trees (15) and (16), while a rodded piece in the background is tree (17).

Mater's has this adorable snow-filled tire tree (18).
And finally, Fillmore's Taste-In has this cardboard-looking tree (19)!
So there you have it: nineteen Christmas trees call Cars Land home.  At least.  I didn't swing by Radiator Springs Racers, but I was told that there was no tree inside the queue.  Did I miss any?  If so, leave a comment!  Hopefully, you enjoyed this unique tour of Carsland's Carsmas!


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