Gardens of Christmas Imagination

It's after Christmas, but as always, it's still the holiday season at most Disney parks (really, everywhere except in Tokyo, which promptly ends its Christmas overlay after December 25), so I thought it would be two-bird-single-stone killer to present more photos of Shanghai Disneyland--during Christmastime. 

As I mentioned before, the vast majority of yuletide presence at Shanghai Disneyland occurs in the first two lands guests encounter when they enter the park--Mickey Avenue and Gardens of Imagination.  At the Gardens, the Christmas decorations are mainly limited to a towering Christmas tree that dominates the skyline alongside the Enchanted Storybook Castle and the Fantasia Carousel.  At night, the tree takes on a vibrant life with a diverse series of lighting schemes that seem to mimick the changing lights over the neighboring carousel.  It makes for quite a magical and peaceful scene, especially since the park clears out pretty quickly (thanks to a rather firm and expedient security sweep of everyone into Mickey Avenue).  Here are a few shots from various locations around the Gardens of Imagination for your holiday enjoyment.  Shanghai Disneyland certainly is pretty!

A flower bed of poinsettias anchors the foreground of this gaze straight toward the castle.

Holiday ornaments by a lamppost partially frame the soaring Shanghai Disneyland Christmas tree!

From along this railing, the Fantasia Carousel, Christmas tree, and Enchanted Storybook Castle unfold in sequence.

Finally, a parting shot from the entry signage archway for the Gardens of Imagination.


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