Ringing the New Year

Well, we've come to it again. Another end of a year.  2016 has been an interesting one, for sure. From a personal level, I had a largely fun and successful year, getting to go on an amazing vacation in Asia, making a couple of fun ski trips, seeing some great shows, and generally enjoying the company of great friends.  But the year has also seen tough times, especially among my friends--many of which have experienced some form of loss of a loved one or very challenging times, and some with multiple instances.  Of course, 2016 also felt like the year the Grim Reaper came for our most beloved celebrities--strangers with whom we still felt a personal connection. 

But at the end of the day, life and time continues.  So as we come upon the end of a year, we reflect and looking forward to new horizons, opportunities, and hopefully success in 2017.  Thanks to everyone who has continued reading this blog or interact on Instagram and other online avenues.  It means a lot to see that joy is being brought through this photography--people who aren't as fortunate as I to visit the Happiest Place on Earth regular being able to vicariously experience some of the Disney parks.  That's the reason for this, really.

As we move onto a new year, here's a look at last year's New Year's Eve.  It was a blustery evening, and the midnight fireworks actually ended up being cancelled.  But they also had 9pm fireworks for the east coast, and knowing that they were being broadcast live, I knew that Disney would have to shoot them off regardless of weather conditions.  So I gathered mid-evening and brought my camera with me.  New Year's Eve at Disneyland is a crowded affair, but the energy is also fantastic and positive.  So enjoy these snapshots of 2015 rolling into 2016.  And have a safe and splendid new year!


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