Christmas Dusk at the Dock

I've mentioned before that Tokyo Disney Sea offers spectacular photo ops every which direction one looks, and nowhere is that more prevalent than in American Waterfront, where three different areas and multiple paths and waterways allow for a prolific variety of photos to be had.  The photo below is taken close to the Ponte Vecchio part of Mediterranean Harbor, along the pathway just off the stairs on the Mount Prometheus side, a stone's throw away from the Cape Cod part of American Waterfront.  But here, the subject is the San Francisco Wharf type area, with Christmas-y boats tied up at the docks in front of the looming background of the Tower of Terror, which stands in the more New York style region of American Waterfront.  Paired with some textured clouds in the sky and a setting sun generating some cotton candy color, and the result is an alluring scene that hints at the magic that night will bring while still maintaining the warmth of the fleeting day.  I assure you, views like these do not ever get old!

An early evening Christmas scene in front of the Hotel Hightower in American Waterfront.


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