Buon Natale a Venezia

Tokyo Disney Sea is filled with breath-taking hyper-realism, and one of the most surreal areas is the Venice portion of Mediterranean Harbor.  Located to the left of the bay as guests enter, off to the side on the way to American Waterfront, this area is a meticulous and detailed romanticization of the city of canals.  With beautiful facades--many fronting rooms of the lavish Mira Costa Hotel--this part of Disney Sea is just spectacular.  And during the Christmas season, some of that haute culture Italian style mixes with the holiday decorations to lend an even more high class feel.

Here are some photos just wandering around the area, which is most peaceful during the earlier morning hours.  Regardless, this is a lovely scene with just enough Christmas spirit to qualify this post as a set of holiday photos too!

This bridge takes guests over to the Isola del Gondoliere, for those who wish to ride the gondolas.

Guests wait in that central building.

Looking out in the direction of the center of the park.

The architecture is exquisite.

The peacefulness of the morning is soul-soothing.

Rich holiday wreaths hang from the lampposts.
A detail of one.
Returning to the bridge.


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