Christmas at the Castle II

It's another Christmas, and another castle photo--my fourth year in a row.  But there's nothing as iconic at the Happiest Place on Earth, and there's nothing as overwhelmingly seasonal in your face as the Winter Castle.  It's the unison of the holidays and the Magic Kingdom, and it's always spectacularly lovely.

By many accounts, this has been a pretty crummy year.  We've lost an inordinate amount of beloved celebrities and public figures prematurely or to illness (and might be on our way to another loss as I write this).  We've had wacky and dramatically shocking world events.  For some people, the election was even a disastrous result.  On a personal front, I've seen literally dozens of friends this year deal with tragedy and loss and major battles.  It's all been monumentally challenging for a lot of people--even more than previous years.

But at the end of the day, there is still light and good and love in the world.  And while things may seem scary and uncertain, lets remember to focus on that which we can control--care for each other, thought and support for our neighbors, and consideration and love for our closest ones.  Disney paints the message of magic and pixie dust, and the ideals of dreams are very much desirable motivations to maintain.  Ultimately, it's the people who create the magic for each other.  So be good to one another, and have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

The Winter Castle at the end of the night.
Spotlights over the castle immediately after Believe... in Holiday Magic.


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