A Castle in Flux

For over ten years, the Hong Kong Disneyland castle has stood as a clone of that of Disneyland Anaheim, a tribute to the original central weenie that started it all.  However, recently, the park has begun construction to retrofit and expand the castle, raising it much taller than its current 75ft or so height and crafting a whole new theme for the future unnamed icon. 

None of that was really in the cards when I last visited the park in 2016.  It was still Sleeping Beauty Castle, just like California's--only a little too perfect, with no crooked lines or unbalanced facades.  So this is a look back at what once was, since the castle is slowly transforming into what will be.  I'll have to take another trip back when they're done with things to gauge how the new product will look.  For now, I have memories of my past trips.

A familiar castle in an unfamiliar land.


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