Reflections of Tomorrow

A year and a half ago, during my second time visiting the Tokyo Disneyland Resort, I remember scrolling through my social media during downtime at my AirBnB when I saw that it was raining back home in Southern California, and my Disney photographer friends were off shooting beautiful reflections and drizzly evening photos.  Of course that would be my luck.  In general, I seem to not be at scenic locations or have my DSLR when dramatic sunsets happen, or when it rains in the evening.

I was envious of my friends, who were getting such a rare photographic treat at home, but the day after this occurrence, it ended up drizzling at Tokyo Disneyland.  And I ended up getting a rainy evening photographic opportunity after all!  Of course, at Tokyo Disney, the challenge of taking nighttime photos is greater, because tripods are no allowed in the park.  So I had to make do with what I could and nab reflections here and there where I could.

This entranceway into Tomorrowland was one of my better results, and the memory of walking around a near-empty Tokyo Disneyland taking photos in the rain will stay with me forever.

A rainy evening in Tokyo Tomorrowland.


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