The Midnight Treehouse

Over in the far corner of Mickey's Toontown, about as far back as Gadget's Go Coaster, is the home of Chip and Dale, Disney's most lovable chipmunks.  They live in a giant tree, as one might expect of chipmunks, and guests can climb up to get an elevated view of Toontown and enjoy life in the trees.  Once upon time, kids could even play in a ball pit of "acorns," but alas, sanitary and health concerns put an end to that relatively quickly.  The tree house is mostly just a climbing structure now.  But it's still a noted attraction in Mickey's Toontown, and in my quest to mix things up, I figured I'd post a nighttime photo of an attraction I've only shared photos from twice before.  You know, to keep things fresh.

The Chip 'n' Dale Treehouse after hours.


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