The Forgotten Prisoner

The finale of Pirates of the Caribbean is a scene that every Disney fan knows.  The pirates, locked up behind dungeon bars, appeal to their jail keeper dog to hand over his keys, trying their best to get him to amble over with their freedom.  It's the focus of the direction and lighting as the boat approaches, and it's a humorous moment in a classic attraction filled with plenty of iconic ones.  But have you ever noticed the other prisoner in the dungeon?  He's off to the right, before riders reach the live pirates, and he's apparently been around for a very long time.  So long that he's passed off this mortal coil.  But no one seems to pay attention to this boney buccaneer.  Alas, a pirate's death's for him!

This is one of the most famous scenes in Disney ride history.

Plenty of attention has been showered on these determined pirates trying to escape.

But what about this poor chap who never got out and now hangs around for all of eternity?


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