Grizzly Gold

Hong Kong Disneyland doesn't have a Frontierland.  Instead, its Western-themed area is named Grizzly Gulch, and it actually opened several years after the original park, as part of a massive, three-land expansion.

Grizzly Gulch takes cues from the Frontierlands around the world and adds its own sense of fun and silliness to things.  Perhaps the most overt of these gestures is the leaning assay office, which seems to have been built to the same precision to orthogonal angles as Mickey's Toontown--which is to say, it wasn't built that precisely at all.  Or perhaps it's that massive gold nugget that sits in front of the office, on the porch.  Maybe it's so weighty that its very gravity is pulling the structure of the building askew. 

Whatever the case, the resulting architecture is certainly curious.  But I suppose things are a bit strange in the Old West.

A most sizeable golden nugget sits at the assay office of Grizzly Gulch.


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