Partners of the Far East

Tokyo Disneyland is spacious.  Very spacious, because it is very busy, because the Japanese absolutely love Disney.  One area that attests to this attribute can be found at The Hub, between the end of the World Bazaar and Cinderella Castle.  This Hub features a double ring layout, providing a wide expanse for pedestrian circulation as well as a large gathering space for nighttime castle shows and parade viewing.  And as though to reiterate that the space within The Hub should be devoted to an audience, the Partners Statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse isn't located in the middle of the Hub, but rather in front of it.  It's still a photo op, but the massive castle looms much farther away from the statue than at, say, Disneyland California. 

It's still a lovely sight, though.  Most things at Tokyo Disney are.

Walt and Mickey in front of Tokyo's Cinderella Castle.


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