A Pyrotechnic Film Celebration

It's another Friday, and I've got more photos of the new Wondrous Journeys fireworks show to share, so why not indulge in the alliterative hashtag and celebrate #FireworksFriday with a look at more spectacular moments from the pyrotechnic spectacular the celebrates all of Disney's fully animated motion pictures?  I've watched Wondrous Journeys three times now--each one slightly different because of weather conditions (including a projections-only version due to rain), and it's pretty cool how the Imagineers created different modifications to ensure that the audience can still enjoy a visual feast of some sort regardless of how the weather is.  These photos were from a "B-show" run that had reduced higher level bursts due to winds that weren't bad enough to cancel the pyros entirely but were still a bit of a concern.  But you wouldn't ever know if it you had never watched the show before, because there were still plenty of great explosions in the sky coming from the castle and at lower heights!


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