Carthay's Disney 100 Celebration

Over at Disney California Adventure, Disney 100 decorations are present at their iconic heart of the park, Carthay Circle.  One of the Disney 100 hammered metal medallions is perched in the planting area behind the Storytellers Statue, and the Carthay Circle Restaurant tower has a medallion and drapery to accent its normally pristine white form.  Last Friday evening, when I came upon the medallion, it was unlit, but knowing that a longer exposure and shooting in RAW could help recover some light from the darkness, I snapped a couple of photos anyway, and this view of the medallion with the Carthay Circle Restaurant in the background provided a nice frame!

The Disney 100 medallion at Disney California Adventure is one of two prominent anniversary theming elements in the park (with a third draped over the entrance gates just outside).


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