Reflections of the Tower of Carthay

Will ya look at that, Southern California is having another rainstorm.  What has been a rarity for most years out of the past decade+ has suddenly become even more regular than precipitation in Seattle, as the West Coast and especially California has received storm after storm from severe weather patterns and atmospheric rivers and more.

Although everyone's sick of the rain by now, it's not all bad--and not just because it offers photo ops like this mirrored scene to the right.  California's drought has been significantly alleviated by all this wet weather, and though it initially wasn't enough to put a dent in the drought back in January, the continued rain over the ensuring two months has made a difference.

The weather-related emergencies like flooding or snow entrapment, though, have not been so great.  Such is the double-edged sword of rain.  We need it, but too much of it too quickly can be destructive too.  But fear not, for the rainy season is soon coming to an end, and eventually, more consistently sunny skies like what Southern Californians are used to will await us!


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