Donald's Duck Pond

Coming off the heel's of yesterday's Chip n Dale's GADGETcoaster post and continuing on the topic of existing Mickey's Toontown attractions that have been rebranded, today we have Donald's Duck Pond, the successor to Donald's Boat.  Although the vessel itself is still present, it's no longer accessible like it previously was.  Guests cannot go inside and climb the stairs to get to the elevated deck area. Instead, a play area on rubberized synthetic material can be found in front, with fountains that children can play in.  The fountains weren't turned on when I visited, but the attraction is more in line with Toontown's new mission of offering different elements of play to children of all abilities and sensibilities.  

I'll miss the ability to have an elevated perch of Mickey's Toontown, but nice to provide children with more activities in this new attraction format!


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