Castle Really 100

Never judge a book by an incomplete cover.  A month and a half ago, I had some thoughts about the Sleeping Beauty Castle Disney 100 decorations, based on what I thought was a basically complete build-out.  And it turns out that--fittingly enough because the Disney 100 celebration hadn't officially kicked off yet--there were still a few more additions.  Last Friday, I had the chance to finally take some empty (or almost empty... note the ghosty security guards coming through the castle from Fantasyland) photos of the castle in its full effect.

I will still say that this is not the most spectacular rendition of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  The Disneyland 60th Anniversary version still looked more polished and elegant.  But some of my criticisms, such as a lack of lighting on the Disney 100 medallion and the flat hammered metal look, are offset by a bit of rim lighting around the element and fiberoptic effects that do add some pop in person.  At the end of the day, though, the Disneyland castle is like pizza--no matter what, there's always a baseline positive to the park icon, and through all the varieties, the castle looks still bring joy!

Sleeping Beauty Castle glows at night in its Disney 100 splendor.


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