Another Drizzly Evening in Cars Land

Sometimes when I go photographing at the Disney parks, I'm so excited about the resulting photos that I post them almost immediately, and today's set is such an example.  These photos were taken just last night at Disney California Adventure, during the tail end of our most recent rainstorm.  Conditions were actually very ideal, because there was a very light drizzle throughout the evening that kept the ground slick and puddles stocked, but it wasn't raining so hard that going out and photographing in the elements was too soggy or uncomfortable.  

Naturally, one of my targets was to head out to Cars Land, with all its colorful neon and vibrant ambiance, and set my camera low to capture whatever reflections I could.  This was the result of learning from past rainy evening trips that a tripod wasn't actually ideal, because it doesn't get low enough.  Instead, these photos literally feature my camera on the ground, positioned right in front of puddles to capture reflections to the best of my comfort.  They're not all crisp, but some of them turned out pretty nicely, and they all impart a moody atmosphere that's incredibly evocative and romantic.  I hope you enjoy this little photo spread!

Welcome to Cars Land... in the rain!

Radiator Springs is such a fantastic environment in which to take photos when there's precipitation!

It's all about finding the right puddle to capture a mirrored scene!

It literally expands the dimension of the photo!

Of course, the prerequisite Flo's reflection shot is always a must.

Radiator Springs Racers was closed for the evening due to the weather, so getting this empty shot was not too difficult!

Still can't quite get this manhole composition to my liking though.

The entrance to this E-Ticket always looks so cool when mirrored.

I've posted this composition before, and I love how the rail curves above and below with Willy's Butte beckoning in the distance.

This is a new frame for me, though. I never though to try this side to see if Willy's Butte could still be captured, but it can, and it looks great!


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