Chip n Dale's GADGETcoaster

Last Friday, when revising the newly revamped Mickey's Toontown, I realized that this themed area at the back of Disneyland Park actually had the distinction of being tied for the land with the most high profile, "E-Ticket" level attractions in the park.  Though not everyone may classify them to this caliber (they would at least rate all Toontown rides a D-Ticket or above, I think the home of Mickey and Minnie and friends has a pretty strong pedigree now.  

There's the brand new Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway, which I've expressed my love for previously.  It's truly a charming and magnificent ride, and it captures the magic and whimsy that defines Disney.  Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin may not be the first ride most people offer when building a list of E-Ticket attractions, but it's long been a cult favorite and critically underrated.  And then there's the subject of today's post, Gadget's Go Coaster, which has been renamed to Chip n Dale's GADGETcoaster with the Toontown refresh.

One of the removals in the new Mickey's Toontown was the Chip n Dale Treehouse that kids could clamber up and through at the far west end of the area.  Unfortunately, it was also a bit of a germ box and a maintenance hassle.  So it was replaced with an open seating area with a bit of a shade overhang.  Chip n Dale are still top tier Disney cartoon characters, so it made sense to include them among the attractions list in Mickey's Toontown.  The solution? Lean upon the Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers universe and add the two chipmunks with their scientifically-inclined, always-tinkering counterpart, Gadget!  

The roller coaster itself is the same Vekoma Roller Skater layout it was before, so even though it has a new name and new theming, all but the most fervent coaster credit enthusiasts will still count it as the same roller coaster, instead of a new one.  But Chip n Dale have been added to the fountain that the ride curves around at the end of its run, and even Zipper makes an appearance.  And with the new paint and general touch-up's, it's got new life as part of Toontown's now-impressive trifecta of popular attractions!


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