A Weather... Assemble!!

This year has been unseasonably wet in Southern California, with multiple extensive rainstorms pounding the area across multiple months, and there have been a lot of opportunities for Disney fan photographers to head out into the parks during the evenings to catch those ever-so-treasured rainy night shots with slick pavement and lights reflected off the ground and the precipitation adding a layer of sheen on everything.

The photo below... is not from this recent patch of storms, but since it's from last September, it still counts as being part of this current rainy season.  It was a hasty composition as I was exiting Disney California Adventure after photographing Cars Land in its Haul-O-Ween splendor.  Catching the entrance of Avengers Campus without anyone in the way, I couldn't resist firing off a few exposures.  Though there's a bit of camera shade resulting some a slight lack of focus, it wasn't significant enough to me to discard the frames completely, so the result is today's post!

A drizzly evening outside the entrance into Avengers Campus.


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