Bridging the Wharf

One day, I thought it might be interesting to frame a view of the Pacific Wharf while standing right in the middle of the bridge, amidst pedestrian traffic, and angle a view toward Cars Land.  The horizontal overhead bars of the bridge made for a nice series of borders.  Add to the fact that it was a beautiful day, and you have the explanation for this shot.

Walking across the bridge to the Pacific Wharf, with the towering Cadillac Range in the background.
On a separate note, sometime over the past two days, Disney Photoblography reached 25,000 total page views.  That's a pretty monumental number!  When I started this blog, I had no idea how successful it would ever get, and while I had an inkling there would be people who enjoyed these photos, I never got my hopes up that it would ever be significant. 

Well, it's definitely reached a milestone of significance, and I have you the readers to thank.  So once again, to anyone who's stopped by, spread the word, shared posts, shared posts again, and given gracious compliments... thank you.

And keep on doing what you've been doing!


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