Estrellas del Zocalo

One late evening, I was walking around with a fellow photographer friend, when we found ourselves upon the Rancho del Zocalo Restaurant.  Though the dining establishment had long closed operations for the evening, the seating area was still open for anyone to wander in and about.  And when I beheld the twinkling scene in front of me, I knew I had to snap some pictures to capture the wonderful magic of the ambiance. 

At night, dozens of beautifully crafted star-shaped lamps illuminate the eating area.

Each one is beautifully unique and wonderfully charming.

Together, they create an ethereal and luminous scene!

I had forgotten about this treasure within the park.

It was nice to stumble upon and rediscover such a simple and beautiful thing that brought happiness.


  1. Awesome pictures. Where is this restaurant located?

  2. Thanks, Xan! It's in Frontierland, to the right after the shooting gallery, next to Big Thunder Mountain!


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