Railroad Country

I've mentioned before that Tours Departing Daily was a huge influence and inspiration on this blog, so from time to time, I'll see a shot that they've taken and think, "Man, that's awesome! Can I get something like that?"

The photo below is one such example.  When I first saw it posted, I realized I had never really looked at the park from that point of view. I wasn't even initially sure from which vantagepoint this was taken! But a bit of thinking deduced that it's a lookout from the Hungry Bear Resturant.  On the far left side of where guests order and pick up food, there is a spot that offers this prime angle of the Disneyland Railroad, making its way through Splash Mountain and onto Fantasyland.  This rustic and beautiful scene is just aglow on a beautiful sunny day. So here's my stab at a photo I first saw on Tours Departing Daily.

The E.P. Ripley steams its way through Splash Mountain and over a bridge at Critter Country.


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