Disney Gallery: The Storybooks Continue

If you haven't had the chance to stop by the Disney Gallery (or if you aren't a frequent visitor), you may have missed the latest exhibit on display inside.  Branching off the previous subject of Disney Castles, and as part of the promotion for Walt Disney World's New Fantasyland expansion, the Disney Gallery has unveiled a new tribute to the Fantasylands around the world.

So I thought it might be a nice way to kick of February by taking a look at just a few of the art pieces on display. Many of them illustrate Fantasyland as it exists or will exist (in the case of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom) in the parks, while some others cover areas thematically inspired by Fantasyland or by the general spirit of imagination and adventure.

A rendering of Fantasyland in the shadow of the Matterhorn.
The Little Mermaid at Walt Disney World's New Fantasyland.
The interior is different from Disney California Adventure's version.
Beautiful gardens in Hong Kong Disneyland.
The famous rendering of New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World, which Disney fans are now familiar with.
Characters from Peter Pan adorn this Fantasyland rendition.

Over in Disneyland Paris, Adventure Isle takes off a different type of imagination.
A map of Disneyland Paris's version of Adventureland.
And a whimsical art piece featuring the tea cups of Mad Tea Party.


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