Previewing Fantasy Faire

As March approaches, Disneyland is in full swing, putting the finishing touches on their new Fantasyland expansion, the Fantasy Faire, just outside Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  Located where the old Carnation Plaza Gardens used to be, this outcropping on the way to Frontierland will feature a Disney princess meet-and-greet, a unique food stand, a grand open-air dance hall, and even some interactive surprises.

But since no one can really get a clear view of the exquisite architecture going up, Blue Sky Cellar has recently unveiled a new exhibit featuring artwork, plans, and mockups for this new area extension.  Among the features, the paint color model of Fantasy Faire is perhaps the most impressive. Here are some photos of this fantastic model that provides an idea of what Fantasyland's newest area will look like, when it opens next month!

An overview of the Fantasy Faire model.

The old Carnation Plaza Gardens grandstand has been replaced with a more regal structure.
At the center of the square is a sculptural icon in the form of Rapunzel's tower, from Tangled.

A close-up of the architecture, which blends the royal Sleeping Beauty Castle aesthetic with the village motif.

Clopin's Music Box will be an interactive moving diorama.

A close-up of the Rapunzel Tower sculpture.


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