The Redhead

Apparently, even back in the days of pillaging pirates, there was a fascination with redheads.  Sassy, alluring, and certainly inviting, it seems that redheads turned heads wherever they were--at least in this case, at a wench auction.

Indeed, as the head auctioneer is trying to conduct a sale on a broader sized beauty, most of the attention is focused on the dashing dame next in line--a fashionably dressed damsel who's not afraid to show a little leg and give a sign of the assets she might bring to the table.

It's no wonder this typically results in the pirates losing interest in the subject at hand and turning their attention to her.  Always posing, never speaking, her silence only serves to drive the pirates' desire, and inevitably, they lose control and begin chanting, "WE WANTS THE REDHEAD!! WE WANTS THE REDHEAD!!"

Well, belay there, ya focsle swabs. She'll still be there later.


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