Bulging with Character

As a project coordinator at an architecture firm, I often wonder what it was like to design and construct Mickey's Toontown. After all, here is a land whose architecture is practically bereft of straight (or at least orthogonal) lines.  They've been cast aside in favor of arcs, curves, and cants.  Did the project drawings dimension all of these to exact specificity?  Did the designers allow the builders a certain amount of leeway?  Did they just draw sketches and tell the construction workers, "make it look like this?"  One thing's for sure: the result looks very much like something out of the world of cartoons, which was exactly the goal.  Mickey's Toontown is colorful, fun, and full of dynamic facades and playful architectural elements.  And while it could use a bit of sprucing up these days, it's still a silly land to visit at the Happiest Place on Earth.

The whimsical and wacky architecture of Mickey's Toontown.


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