The Indy Jeep

This genuine artifact from the Indiana Jones movie franchise has been featured on this blog before, but I thought a daytime shot might be worth showcasing, if only because back when I created this image, it became one of my more favorite HDR photos.

I've definitely evolved and refined my style of HDR processing over the years.  Like most everyone who dabbles in the fad, I went through my phases of not being able to create HDR-like images at all, to discovering the practice and proceeding to over-use it, to the halos galore stage, to something a little more refined than that.  But sometimes, pushing that boundary beyond the smooth, crisp, photo-realistic iteration of high dynamic imaging and into the more artistic still feels more appropriate.  For me, this image was one of those cases, meant to evoke the rust and history and character of this vehicle and its famed role in cinematic history.  Sometimes, creating the feeling of a memory through an image is more fulfilling than maintaining an accurate image itself.


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