Fountain Blue at Carthay Circle

Sunday featured fantastic clouds, and this was on display not only during sunset but also afterward.  When I was headed out of the park during dusk, I came upon the hub of Buena Vista Street.  With a brilliant blue sky as a backdrop, I had to take this photo. But not wanting to set up my tripod and risk a crowd of people suddenly flowing through the scene (as is often the case right after I spot a composition I like that's initially empty), I pulled out my camera and snapped a photo at an ISO above my now-standard 100.  Fortunately, with the Nikon D600's full frame sensor and excellent RAW file capabilities, combined with the noise reduction engine in Adobe Camera Raw, I was able to get a pretty sharp and smooth photo--at least at the resolution offered on this blog!

I find the stunning blue evening skies over Carthay Circle to be soothing.  Though there are lots of people in the background, the relative emptiness of the foreground gives an illusion of an undiscovered oasis.  But make no mistake about it--this scene would be far less interesting without the dramatic sky to supplement it.  And sometimes, that's the difference toward making a photo extra special.

Beautiful Carthay Circle Fountain in blue hour is a mesmerizing sight!


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