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One of my favorite things about the Disneyland Resort is when they plus a ride without advertisement, adding a nice detail (or several) to enhance the atmosphere, theming, or ride experience.  Such was the case over by Grizzly River Run this past Sunday when I did a lap through Disney California Adventure to capture late afternoon scenes.  Encountering this off-road vehicle was a pleasant surprise. I know it certainly wasn't here last year--unless it was simply being refurbished, and I happened to catch it away from its regular position.  But I've never noticed this vehicle before, and I feel like it adds a great touch.  Admittedly, I rarely take the "back route" through Grizzly Peak, so this may have been here for a while. Perhaps a reader can set me straight. But in any case, it's a wonderful touch that adds an air of realism to this beautiful and rustic land!

The pathway on the alternate path in Grizzly Peak leads by the Grizzly River Run loading platform and this vehicle.

It certainly looks splendid in the setting sun!


  1. I don't remember seeing that last month (june) but I was only on that path after dark and could've easily missed it.


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