Taste Pilot's Point of View

As I've explained before, empty night shots are pretty easy. The secret is patience. Just wait until everyone leaves, and the shot becomes empty!

Empty daytime shots, however, are much more difficult. Patience is still involved, but timing is required, unless one is present at the very start of the operating day.  Ultimately, getting daytime photos with no one in them is almost impossible, since the Happiest Place on Earth is constantly full of people!

So the trick then switches to avoiding subjects in the foreground of the photo, leaving that to the buildings and scenery to be the points of prominence.  At least that's the thinking of an architectural photographer, who tends to be bothered by the presence of those pesky people.  In this case, for the most part, the people are in the less noticeable parts of the scene, and the focus of my shot is a juxtaposition of Taste Pilot's Grill and the Carthay Circle Restaurant tower. It's almost as though they're staring at each other!

The view from Taste Pilot's Grill over toward Carthay Circle.


  1. I miss the plane coming out of the building. Not sure why they took that away. I guess it did not fit the time frame. You must have used a wide angle lens for this nice shot. Hard to get a clean shot like this, you are right it takes time.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mike! The plane was removed due to sightlines. The designers didn't want it visible from Buena Vista Street, in part because of the time period but also because it's a visual distraction. I miss the old plane too, but I don't mind this iteration.

      I did use a wide angle zoom lens for this shot. It's a 16-35mm full frame lens. =)


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