Oswald's Under Blue

A few moments after and on the same evening that I shot the Carthay Circle Fountain during blue hour, I came upon Oswald's Filling Station at the beginning of Buena Vista Street.  The warm golden lights and red signage contrasted beautifully with those blue, puffy skies, and I knew I needed a shot here as well. But without the patience to set up my tripod, since I had another place to get to, I simply freehanded as slow of a shot as I was comfortable with. Fortunately, a full frame Nikon D600 has great higher ISO performance, and some of the walking pedestrians still managed to create some blur.

Blue hour is a wonderful time to shoot, because it doesn't necessarily depend on the presence of the sun, but the sky can still feature some dramatic coloring.  Having moved on past the dead tones of gray hour, blue hour hints as the beginning of nighttime, but with enough day left to splash some hues across the scene.  I definitely encourage all aspiring photographers to practice taking photos during this time of the evening, typically occurring an hour or so after sunset!

Oswald's Filling Station in glorious blue hour.


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