Wilderness Tranquility

As expansive as I try to get this shot to appear, it doesn't really compare to being in Grizzly Peak and taking in this simulated wilderness stretching out all around.  The way the light filters through the trees, the way iconic Grizzly Peak juts up in the distance, the way the mist hovers in the forest breeze, all contributes to a wonderful visceral and verdant sensation that really brings the theme to life.  All the green and blue transport guests away from the city and into the gorgeous and grand Mother Nature that the state of California has to offer, and that serenity never fails to soothe my soul when I stroll through.

A quiet afternoon in Grizzly Peak--except for the screaming rafters splashing down.
So, as I mentioned last week, I'll personally be taking a little vacation over the next two and a half weeks. Never fear, though, for there will still be updates to this blog!  They just won't be broadcast over social media.  However, it would be awesome if you would share new posts over Twitter and Facebook and beyond, even while I'm gone, because there will still be new content posted every day while I'm abroad.  Ah, the power of auto-scheduling!  And when I'm back, I'll have even more fantastic Disney photos to share!

Thanks in advance!


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