Inside the Oasis

It's relatively rare to be able to stroll through Aladdin's Oasis these days. The former dine and storytelling locale is usually closed to the public these days, which is a shame, because it's such a wonderful space.  Alas, it's been many years since this area has been in operation. But several months ago, I was walking through Adventureland when I saw the entrance unobstructed.  With no signage or cast members warning to stay away, I took the chance to explore and take some photos.  Here's a look at a beautiful, peaceful respite from the bustling nature of Adventureland!

This used to be the stage for the story telling of Aladdin.

Guests could dine and enjoy the show, which retold the classic story in an abbreviated version of the movie.

The tiered layout allowed less-obstructed views.

An overview, looking back in the direction of Adventureland.

What marvels and mysteries existing within the Cave of Wonders?


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