The French Market Nouveau

One of my favorite eateries in Disneyland Park, the French Market has also been altered by the expansion of Club 33. Its second floor has been converted from a storage room to Le Salon Nouveau, a jazz club environment with Art Nouveau flourishes.  Here too, windows have been cut out to allow light in and views out, but they're certainly not as prominent as in some other locations. And at night, despite the glow and visibility into the second floor, there's a nice atmosphere about this area, as though the upstairs was some stylish, high profile party going on. Which, if you think about it, fits the mold of Club 33.

The back entry of French Market.

The front entry of French Market.

Looking upward and toward the entrance into the restaurant.

A more overview look reveals some of the second floor changes.

They seem to blend in pretty well here, though!


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