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The night I took this dramatic shot of the Astro Orbiter was a lazy evening where I just didn't feel like breaking out my tripod. As a result, for a shot like this that required a long exposure, I set my camera on top of my bag, raised my ISO, and tried to keep everything as steady as possible for three brackets of exposure to capture the huge range in lighting in this scene.  At 100%, this ends up being quite noisy, but it's not so bad on a large thumbnail.  True detailing of the illumination requires more masking and exposures than I have the patience for, but I think this turned out okay for a "lazy shot," relatively speaking!

Colorful and iconic, the Astro Orbitor has become a fixture of Tomorrowland's entrance.
Folks, I'd also like to take this moment to let you know that I will be gone on vacation starting a week from today.  I'm taking a trip to Europe (including a stop at Disneyland Paris), so I'll be a lot less active on social media than usual. HOWEVER, while I'm gone, there will be new posts published each day, so you would do me a huge favor by sharing said posts while I'm abroad and unable to do so regularly myself.  Thank you all for your support!


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