Clouds in Cars Land

Friday was mostly a gloomy day, but the pattern of clouds drifting through was constantly changing throughout the day, and as I drove to Disneyland after work in the afternoon, I held some hope that I might be able to capture some sort of dramatic sunset photo. 

As it turned out, I was not. But the sorta-post-sunset did end up pretty nice.  Knowing that the most striking image would be facing west, I wandered around the Resort trying to come up with a good location before finally settling in Cars Land, shooting toward the archway from Pacific Wharf and Willy's Butte.  The photo ended up turning out pretty well!  Now, if only I could have eliminated those pesky people from the foreground of the composition!  But of course, that's how a photographer thinks.

Dramatic clouds creep into Cars Land at dusk.


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