Scenes from Discoveryland

Out of all the versions of Tomorrowland that I have explored, Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland is by far my favorite.  Here, Tomorrowland isn't a prediction of the future, but rather a vision of yesterday's hypothetical tomorrow--a futuristic fantasy inspired by the works of Jules Verne and tied together by the timelessness of the dreams of tomorrow.  Here are a few sights to behold when strolling through this land.

Space Mountain: Mission 2 is the premiere ticket anchoring Discoveryland--Disney's first launched and looping coaster!

Guests enjoy a moment of rest outside Videopolis.

Paris' Autopia is a mix of futuristic and whimsical.

A full size replica of an X-Wing graces the entrance of Star Tours, near the back corner of Discoveryland.

A glimpse of Disneyland Paris' beautiful castle as the sun sets.


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