More from the Mansion

It's a Double Mansion week!  I typically try to avoid successful similar posts, preferring to rotate among the parks in my photo collection and diversifying the themed lands featured each month, but since the Haunted Mansion did just get its beloved Hatbox Ghost back, I figured I'd showcase some more dark ride photography taken the same past Saturday evening that I took Monday's Hatbox Ghost photos.

All the mansion's ghosts have been dying to meet you; this one can hardly contain himself.

Woe to any man to whom Constance is led...

...they all seem to end up losing their heads.
Doom Buggies nearby this haunted ghoul stalks; a laugh and a flash, and his head's in a box.
The spirits have escaped out to the night, giving this poor caretaker a most spiritual fright!

As always, Grim Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize.



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