Going to Flight School

When Paradise Pier was being refurbished as part of the 5-year expansion plan for Disney California Adventure, Mulholland Madness was converted to Goofy's Sky School, bringing a more familiar Disney face to a DCA attraction, with the hopes that the emotional equity of the classic and clumsily lovable character would increase the attraction's popularity and connect better with the guests.  There was no real change to the actual ride itself.  It remains a typical wild mouse roller coaster--family friendly with tight hairpin turns and a few sudden drops toward the end to add some thrills. But the theming and paint job was adjusted. 

It was a cosmetic change, to be sure, and a nice one.  I'm not sure if it's really done much over the long term to alter the ride's popularity, but it certainly fits in better with the rest of Paradise Pier!

Goofy's Sky School can be found just beyond the water tower, to the right.


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