Disneyland Forever

Last Monday, I took a visit to Disneyland Park to check out the Disneyland Forever fireworks show.  I had missed it during my 24-hr day experience, so I wanted to see this exciting new addition to Disney park entertainment.

As expected, the show was delightful, though I'm not sure if I like this better or the Remember... Dreams Come True show still.  I'll need to see this a few more times.  My friends and I saw the fireworks immediately after the 8:50pm Paint the Night viewing, and our position at the south end of The Hub afforded us a nice view of everything. Unfortunately, being in the middle of a giant crowd, I couldn't really set up a tripod, so these photos are shot freehand and relatively sub-par, by my expectations.  Still, they offer a glimpse to the show, and I intend on going back to the park to get more and better shots in the near future!

Like shows in the other parks' Magic Kingdoms, there are now projections on the castle.

The Finding Nemo scene turns the Matterhorn into Mount Wannahockaloogie, and it is fantastic!
Some streamers toward the end of the show.
Big, puffy fireworks to close things out.

It's a great show, but viewings will be packed for a while, especially since there's so much to see, from the projects all the way up and down Main Street to projections on Small World, and different experiences depending on the vantagepoint!


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