The Rambler

Vintage vehicle enthusiasts at Disney California Adventure now have a new subject to enjoy.  Following the Buena Vista Street Packard, and the Park Service truck over by Grizzly River Run, the new Grizzly Peak Airfield now features a 1950s-era Rambler station wagon parked for vacation.  This is part of the area formerly known as Condor Flats, now converted into a part of the Grizzly peak themed land.  The ambiance is much more rustic now, with added trees, a wilderness color palette, and new foresty air tower adding intimacy and beauty to this area.  The shops and attractions remain the same, just with new names and paint jobs, but I think the improvement is still substantial.  Now, this corner of the park is much more cohesive, and I have more subjects for photos!

The Rambler is parked with a canoe on top.

Looks like someone is stocked and fully loaded for an adventure!

The station wagon provides a great nostalgia feel to the old documentary style movies of trips to America's national parks.

It's a lovely addition to Disney California Adventure.


  1. 1960 model. I'm surprised they didn't go for a mid-'50s one, at the time Disneyland first opened AMC sponsored an attraction and the World of Disney TV show. I think that had ended by the time this car was built.

    1. Ah, I am not a car guy, so thank you for the correction!


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