An Incredible Launch

California Screamin' has become the Incredicoaster, and with this changeover has come a lot of opinions as well.  Some people like that the ride now has a story, which Screamin' never really had (apart from being an ode to the classic seaside amusement park roller coasters).  Others, however, question the effectiveness of the execution of said new story, citing the static characters and relative lack of technology integrated into the attraction.  I probably fall closer to the latter camp.  It's a fun experience, since it's the same ride as before, but there were many parts that just seemed to be lacking.  Some sort of media or projections might have been nice within at least one of the tunnels, and the static show scenes before and after the station seem like half-attemps at theming--even dark rides have more dynamic sets.  Even the white coaster supports were not repainted, so rust spots remain very visible on many parts of the roller coaster structure.

But I will say that I think the launch is cool.  No, not Dash counting down and then yelling go (I don't mind that, actually, though I have friends who find it annoying).  I'm talking about the effect of Dash racing over the water next to the train as it launches forward, trying to catch Jack Jack.  A spray of fountains simulates the effect, which is even cooler at night thanks to a line of red lights underwater.  That is the type of dynamic theming that would have benefitted the ride if it was more prevalent.  Unfortunately, the very short refurbishment time probably precluded more of this type of work.  So as it stands, we have a good roller coaster that happens to portray some scenes from The Incredibles.

No more Neil Patrick Harris when the coaster train comes to a stop before the launch.

Now Dash counts down to the acceleration.
There it goes!


Oh Poultry Palace, how I still irrationally loathe you...

From the waterfront side, the spray of water creates a nice effect.

You can see "evidence" of Dash's footsteps.

I think it's pretty neat!


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