Fortress by the Sea

I've spent many a post praising the wonderful beauty and spirit of adventure that surrounds Fortress Explorations.  This incredible playground on steroids plays upon Renaissance romanticism of travel and discovery, and it features a plethora of rooms, passages, and structures to wander through.  Since I'm often posting photos from Tokyo Disney Sea facing Fortress Explorations, today, I wanted to share a few in the heart of this mini-area.  The scenes below face the entrance of the park, and as exotic as they may appear at a distance, they're even more intricate up close.  The architectural details, theming, and props are thoroughly convincing, and the backdrop is exquisitely wonderful.  On this particular day, I actually did spend a good deal of time just wandering through and enjoying the area.  This fortress certainly has a lot of secrets to uncover!

The waterfront of Fortress Explorations is full of things to discover.

An Italianate fortress stands guard against the sea.

It's a grand playground for guests of all ages.


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