The Eternal Game II

When I posted about getting an actually satisfactory photo of this scene a few months ago, I figured it would be a one-off.  After all, shooting the grotto scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean can be very challenging--especially in the traditionally dimmer lit areas.  But a few weeks ago, I gave the ride another spin--this time with my Nikkor 70-200mm telephoto zoom lens attached to my Nikon D750.  And wouldn't you know it?  I managed some decent results on that try too!  The telephoto allowed me to be able to zoom in a little closer, capturing enough detail that I didn't have to over-lighten the shadows to bring a proper exposure.  The result--a moody and pensive scene between two adversaries settling their score not on a pirate ship or a plank, but rather a game board.

The chess game between two dead pirates continues, as it will... for perpetuity.


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