Pixar by the Pier

Pixar Pier has certainly been divisive among the Disney parks online community, with many deriders of its inconsistent execution and many supporters of its inclusion of more Disney IP.  My own opinions are a mixed bag, and I'm not a fan of the general decision to rush a permanent IP overlay for the sake of corporate synergy over a very truncated amount of construction time.  But I can't deny that the thusfar-finished product definitely looks pretty nice at night.  The red curves of the Incredicoaster illuminate the pier in a vibrant light, while the horribly named but similar looking Pixar Pal-A-Round still looks colorful and cheerful at night.  With all the reflections over the waters of Paradise Bay, the reimagined pier forms a lovely vista, and the photogenic view still provides a beautiful way to cap off an evening in California Adventure!


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