The Impossible Coaster

Today's photo is a bit of fun, as it features something that isn't possible in real life.  The new Incredicoaster runs so smoothly and quickly that trains apparently are practically hurtling on top of each other, in proximities that normal safety systems wouldn't allow.

There's a reference for this, however.  Once upon a time, an artist's concept art for Splash Mountain featured an absurd number of logs within the frame, including several going down the climactic drop and a dozen more littered elsewhere.  It was a laughable bit of log-mania, and I thought I might recreate something similar for Pixar Pier's new re-imagined attraction.  Of course, I should have snapped one more exposure of the train going down the drop, but ah well. I'll try that for next time!

The Incredicoaster is so incredible that it can apparently bypass roller coaster blocking systems!


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